Best Gaming Microphone 2017

gaming headset with a mic

Top Mics For Gaming

Microphones are important technology gadgets, and several groups of tech enthusiasts do not take them for granted. Those who record a song need a mic that accurately records vocals. Disc jockeys need those which are better than speakers. For gamers who communicate with people in their team or those they try to beat, an average microphone may not be enough.

Computer gamers and live streamers do not need a microphone that is of studio quality, but something better than the usual microphones that come with headsets. Having a dedicated mic will give a better quality. Tech reviewers have come up with the best gaming microphone list which can help gamers elevate their overall experience. They have come up with favorite models based on type, budget and connectivity worth checking out. For a more detailed gaming mic review visit this website.


Blue Yeti


Considered as the best gaming microphone in 2017, Blue Yeti delivers amazing audio quality. It is adaptable, affordable and picks up mouse clicks and keyboard sounds. It has a lot of desirable features in a comparably low price. While the distance from a mic when one speaks directly to it affects sound quality, the Yeti works well even under conditions that are less ideal. The unit’s size and shape make it easily suitable in any place. For live streaming, its adaptability is its best feature because it performs well no matter where it is placed.


Shure PG42-USB vocal mic


Some reviews say the Shure PG42-USB vocal mic is as good as the Yeti mic, but with a high price. This USB-connected mic is convenient to use and comes with an integrated pre-amp that has gain control for strength of input signal. For test monitoring, this unit comes with a headphone jack on the panel, monitor mix control and zero latency monitoring. Those who are willing to invest money for a really high quality sound gaming microphone can pick the Shure PG42-USB vocal mic.


AntLion ModMic


Reviewers of microphones consider AntLion ModMic as the best attachment mic. It is affordable and surprisingly delivers quality sound. It just requires the user to wear headphones. It is best for those who do not have spots for a standing gaming microphone. The sound quality of headset mics is generally not prioritized because the favor goes to the headphones. This is not true with ModMic. This easy-to-set-up unit does connect to the headphones’ side as a headset mic, but with a better audio quality.


Zalman ZM-Mic1


Gamers who are not willing to spend on microphones would probably just use a headset mic and just be fine with its sound quality. However, the Zalman ZM-Mic1 is a headset mic, but much better than others of its category because it delivers better audio quality. Furthermore, it is ridiculously cheap which makes it so impressive.


Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB


Speaking about studio-quality microphones, Audio-Technica ATR-2500-USB deserves a second glance for its exceptional sound quality and high performance at a reasonable price. Those who opt for the condenser route can pick this from Audio Technica to be their gaming microphone. It comes with a headphone jack for mic output monitoring and built-in controls to adjust the volume of the headphone.